Janet M. Marchibroda

Janet Marchibroda serves as the President of Alliance for Cell Therapy Now, an independent, non-profit organization devoted to advancing the development and delivery of safe and effective cell therapies to patients in need. Ms. Marchibroda is a seasoned health policy leader with extensive experience in health care, innovation, and technology; her work currently focuses on advancing innovative strategies for improving health and health care, accelerating the availability of safe and effective cures and treatments for patients, and effectively using data and technology to improve the lives of individuals. In addition to her role with the Alliance, she serves as Executive Director and Vice President for NFL Alumni, Fellow for the Bipartisan Policy Center, Board Member for HL7, and Co-Chair of Friends of HL7. Among her responsibilities at NFL Alumni, she runs a large-scale COVID-19 vaccination education and awareness campaign in collaboration with the CDC, engaging more than 100 former and current NFL players and NFL Alumni Chapters in 20 markets. She previously led a large-scale program at CDC devoted to improving immunization management and vaccination coverage in the U.S. through interoperability and information technology. Her experience also includes leading CDC efforts to rapidly deploy clinical, epidemiological, and data analytics teams to more than 30 local communities across the country to support mothers and babies impacted by the Zika crisis. 

She previously served as Director of the Health Innovation Initiative and Director of the CEO Council on Health and Innovation at the Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC), a non-profit organization formed by former Senate Majority Leaders that combines the best ideas from both parties to drive the development and adoption of principled and politically viable policy. She continues to support the organization as a Fellow. Her work at BPC—which has focused on a wide range of topics, including advancing biomedical innovation, promoting interoperability and information sharing, valued-based payment and new delivery models, employer strategies to improve the health of Americans, patient safety, leveraging real-world data and evidence to support regulatory and payment decision-making, patent policy, and regulatory reform—has resulted in numerous changes in federal law, as well as changes in the private sector.  

Marchibroda’s other roles have included serving as Chief Health Care Officer for IBM, Senior Vice President for Health Policy and Technology at CNI, and Chief Operating Officer for the National Committee for Quality Assurance, an organization devoted to improving the quality of health care for Americans. She also served as founder and CEO of the eHealth Initiative, a non-profit, multi-stakeholder member organization that was instrumental in advancing legislation that provided nearly $40 billion in investments in health IT. She also served as Executive Director of Connecting for Health—an initiative supported by the Markle Foundation and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and interim Chief Operating Officer for the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship. Marchibroda also co-founded and served as Chief Operating Officer of a healthcare-related electronic publishing, data, and consulting services company which was later acquired by Bertelsmann AG.   She also led stakeholder engagement activities for the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology within the Department of Health and Human Services following passage of the HITECH Act.

Marchibroda has been recognized as one of the Top 25 Women in Healthcare by Modern Healthcare, one of the Most Powerful Women in Healthcare IT by Health Data Management, and a recipient of the Federal Computer Week Top 100 Award.