Patient Primer Report

Helping Patients Navigate Regenerative Medicine and Cell and Tissue-Based Therapies, March 2022

A new report developed and released by Alliance for Cell Therapy Now and the Alliance for Cell Therapy Foundation, as well as the National Football League Alumni Association (NFL Alumni), provides guidance to patients who are considering regenerative medicine and cell and tissue-based therapies (RMCTs). The report serves as a “patient primer” on RMCTs, offering answers to offering answers to frequently asked questions, as well as questions that patients should be asking before undergoing treatment or participating in clinical trials. The goal of this report is to help patients assess whether treatments being offered to them—either through clinical practice or clinical trials—are authorized by the FDA and are trustworthy, safe, effective, and suitable for use.

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Frequently Asked Questions Among Patients

Questions Patients Should Ask Before Treatment

Questions Patients Should Ask Before Participating in a Clinical Trial

The Need for New Therapies and Treatments Insights from Pro Football Hall of Famer

Rod Woodson

11 Time Pro Bowler, Super Bowl Champion, Member, Pro Football Hall of Fame

The Current State of RMCTs Insights for Patients

Peter Marks, MD, PhD

Food and Drug Administration

Actions Needed to Advance RMCTs Why the Patient Guide is Important

Fred Sanfilippo, MD, PhD

Emory University

The Needs of Former Players Insights on RMCTs

James Kovach, MD, PhD

University of CA – Davis